Troubleshooting Enlightenment

STOP Screwing Yourself Over

How many ideas have you had that just seem to fizzle and die? How many goals have you had that never came to light. In all of my years of working with people to create success – whether it’s to quit smoking or start a business – I’ve learned that our brains will stall our ideas if we don’t take action right away. And I […]

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The Strategy of Complaining

Often I take my dog, Jackson, to the dog park to wear of some of this excess energy. The other day, while I was there, I overheard a couple of people complaining about their situations at work. When I left, I thought about how thoughts strengthen problems. By repeating details of poor situations over and over again, people often create more energy for problems. I […]

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Can Smoking Cause Mental Illness?

When most people think of the bad affects that can come from smoking, they think of coughing, cancer, and having to walk out of the building they’re in to have a cigarette. However, when I think about my clients smoking, I think about how has tobacco contributed to their anxiety levels? The fact that more than 80% of the people I see for quitting smoking […]

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