Troubleshooting Enlightenment

Your Inner Critical Voice (or The Little Devil on Your Shoulder)

Most of us have heard the little voice in our head criticize us and tell us things are not going to be ok. Many people suffer with this a majority of their wakeful hours and even during sleep time. Because it has become such a common state of being, we don’t necessarily always think of it as bad. We might think of it as necessary […]

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Listening To The Little Voice In Your Head

The other day, after walking my dog, Jackson, I did something out of character. I was sitting on my bed answering emails when Iooked over and saw my cat, Sassy, basking in the sun. I thought it must be so nice to be a cat. She just moved herself into the center of the pool of light and took a nap. I have to go […]

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The Strategy of Complaining

Often I take my dog, Jackson, to the dog park to wear of some of this excess energy. The other day, while I was there, I overheard a couple of people complaining about their situations at work. When I left, I thought about how thoughts strengthen problems. By repeating details of poor situations over and over again, people often create more energy for problems. I […]

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